Communicating Restoration of the St.Louis River Area of Concern (website)


Map-based narratives were developed for five key topics important to the St. Louis River Estuary through a research project titled “Stressor Gradients and Spatial Narratives of the St. Louis River Estuary.” The project was funded jointly by Minnesota and Wisconsin Sea Grant beginning in 2010 and connects aquatic science research on the impact of human development from watershed to estuary (stressor gradients) with stories of local resource issues and place-based learning activities to enhance environmental literacy and stewardship of this unique resource (spatial narratives). The five original narrative topics (fishing, shipping, wild ricing, recreation and community) are communicated through a website ( The website integrates the stories and science and gives users the ability to explore deeper into the content of the topics. In 2014, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) funded development of a sixth topic covering the restoration of the estuary in relation to the work being done to remove impairments in the St. Louis River Area of Concern (AOC). The website will continue to be housed with University of Minnesota Duluth, Natural Resource Research Institute through 2017. The MPCA contract for the development and roll-out of the restoration topic expires at the end of 2014. This project is a necessary next step needed to maintain and enhance the restoration topic in order to effectively communicate the activity and progress of restoration efforts associated with the St. Louis River AOC through 2015.


Communicate with the St.Louis River AOC coordinators to document progress of ongoing restoration projects. Update the restoration project content and timelines and other elements of the website. Conduct two interviews to capture perspectives of estuary restoration. Develop one interactive story map to capture before and after conditions and perceptions of benefits associated with a restoration project on the estuary.

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