Fitchburg USA/SSA Plan


This page displays documents that WDNR has received, as well as additional documents that CARPC has generated, for the CUSA-Fitchburg.

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Water Quality Planning
Sewer Service Area Plans
CARPC Fitchburg_NE_Amendment
Reports and Documents
Fitchburg Conceptual Stormwater Management Plan Documents (Exhibits) Full Resolultion Color
Essay on wildlife in the Waubesa Wetlands
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Website on Waubesa Wetlands
Presentation to CARPC on Fitchburg NE Neighborhood Proposal
Presentation on Buried Bedrock
Climate Change article
CARPC CUSA - Fitchburg DC2108 DNR Administrative Decision 2022
Wetland delineation report by Stantec for the Terravessa Project (also reference as NE Neighborhood) in Fitchburg.
CARPC Revised WQM Plan Amendment MAP Northeast Neighborhood Decision
CARPC Revised Decision Document Northeast Neighborhood Decision
City of Fitchburg Letter regarding NEN Revised Decision Document (February 11, 2016)
Attachment4_DNR Staff Analysis Memo Fitchburg 2016 NEN Decision Document Revised
CARPC January 9th letter from Tim Asplund to Anthony Roach, City of Fitchburg Administrator. Letter addresses City of Fitchburg's Northeast Neighborhood Urban Service Area Amendment Request.
Joe Parisi letter regarding CARPC's decision regarding Fitchburg's proposed NE Neighborhood amendment to Dane County's Water Quality Management Plan.
CARPC Amendment to the Dane County Water Quality Plan, revising the Urban Service Area and Environmental Corridors in the City of Middleton. The amendment area is approximately 0.4 acre. The amendment was submitted to the Department on June 30, 2015 and approved on July 2, 2015.
Cover Letter for Fitchburg 4/15 SSA Amendment Request Decision
DNR Decision Document for the Fitchburg NEN USA Amendment 2015
DNR Map of Approved Fitchburg NEN USA Amendment 2015 (V 1,0)
Public Comments on DNR Decision Document for the Fitchburg NEN USA Amendment 2015
DNR Letter to Parisi (response) regarding fitchburg ne neighborhood
Steve Arnold Plan Commission testimony 2012-02-18
Steve Arnold CARPC testimony 2014-10-09 regarding NE Neighborhood
CARPC Public Comments
CARPC Zedler Comments Regarding Fitchburg Amendment
Hydrology Chronology of a Peat Mound in Dane County Southern Wisconsin
Urban wetlands typically have few plant species. In wetlands designed to improve water quality, nutrient-rich water and highly variable water levels often favor aggressive, flood tolerant plants, such as Typha×glauca (hybrid cattail). At Des Plaines RiverWetlands Demonstration Site (Lake Co., IL), we assessed T.×glauca dominance and plant community composition under varying hydroperiods in a complex of eight constructed wetlands. Plots flooded for more than 5 weeks during the growing season tended to be dominated by T.×glauca, while plots flooded fewer days did not. Plots with high cover of T.×glauca had low species richness (negative correlation, R2 = 0.72, p < 0.001). However, overall species richness of the wetland complex was high (94 species), indicating that wetlands in urbanizing landscapes can support many plant species where T.×glauca is not dominant. T.×glauca-dominated areas resisted the establishment of a native plant community. Removing T.×glauca and introducing native species increased diversity initially, but did not prevent re-invasion. Although 12 of the 24 species we seeded became established in our cleared plots, T.×glauca rapidly re-invaded. In year 1, T.×glauca regained an average of 11 rametsm−2, and its density doubled in year 2. The likelihood of planted species surviving decreased as duration of inundation increased, and in both seeded and planted plots, graminoids had greater survivorship through year 2 than forbs across a range of water levels.Within 4 years, however, T.×glaucawas the most common plant, present in 92% of the cleared plots. Simply removing T.×glauca and adding propagules to an urban wetland is not sufficient to increase diversity.
Searching for the Source: The Origin of Deep Spring in the Lower Lake Waubesa Wetlands
General strategies and tools for preservation have been applied to Waubesa Wetlands, 4 miles south of Madison, Wisconsin. Strategies include: individual and organized private ownership; land-use inventories, plans and ordinances; and acquisition by purchase, gift and easement. Tools include: quid pro quo and management agreements; first rights of refusal; “crazy-quilt” ownership patterns; and reverter clauses. Local wetland preservation has positive Impacts upon wetland preservation generally and should be widely used.
Estimation and Extrapolation of Climate Normals and Climatic Trends
January 14, 2015 letter from Thomas D. Hovel, Fitchburg Zoning Administrator/City Planner, to Tim Asplund, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.
Minutes from the Sept 11, Oct 9, and Nov 13 meetings, including addendum (added on Jan 8th) from Caryl Terrell. Executive Summaries on the NE Neighborhood Amendment for the meetings and Public Testimony. Sections dealing with NE Neighborhood are highlighted in yellow.
This is a letter dated January 7th, 2015 from Anthony Roach, City of Fitchburg Administrator, to Tim Asplund, Section Chief for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. In it, the City of Fitchburg requests that the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources review the city's application for the North East Neighborhood Urban Service Area Amendment.
Letter from Kamran Mesbah telling DNR that amendment failed to receive the required 8 votes and supporting materials were being submitted in fulfillment of their work program with the DNR
Letter from Brian Busler, Oregon School District Superintendent, to Tony Roach, City of Fitchburg Administrator. Dated Oct. 10, 2014.
CARPC Letter from Tom Clauder, former Mayor of the City of Fitchburg, 2014, regarding Fitchburg NE SSA Plan Amendment. Letter submitted as part of public record for CARPC consideration of SSA Plan amendment.
CARPC staff analysis and Joy Zedlar's June 5, 2015 letter
CARPC Letter from G. Jeanie Sieling, former Mayor of Fitchburg, regarding the NE Neighborhood SSA Plan Amendment.
CARPC Letter from Fitchburg Chamber Visitor and Business Bureau 2014 Regarding Fitchburg NE Neighborhood SSA Amendment. Letter submitted as part of public record for CARPC consideration of SSA Plan amendment.
CARPC Various opinion pieces supporting and opposing the Fitchburg NE Neighborhood SSA Plan Amendment.
CARPC Overview map with service area boundaries and environmental corridors.
Memo from Wade Thompson, Resource/Project Planner to Sean Higgins, CARPC.
CARPC posed questions and comments about the NE Neighborhood project, and the City of Fitchburg responded.
CARPC Letter from Joy B. Zedler, Ph.D., Professor of Botany and Aldo Leopold Chair of Restoration Ecology to City of Fitchburg in regard to NE Neighborhood Amendment Proposal 2014/15
WCWRPC City of Fitchburg Amendment Request: Northeast Neighborhood. Prepared by: City of Fitchburg Planning and Zoning Department.
CARPC Letter from Thomas D. Hovel, City of Fitchburg's Zoning Administrator/City Planning, to Barbara Weber, CARPC's Senior Community Planner.
CARPC Spreadsheet tracking attendees' citizen registration forms and public comments, including whether they support or oppose the Northeast and North Stoner Prairie Neighborhood SSA Amendments.
Fitchburg Common Council minutes from February 25, 2014 meeting.
Minutes from Fitchburg's Plan Commission meeting on February 18, 2014.
CARPC West Waubesa Preservation Coalition's petition regarding NE Neighborhood SSA Amendment, as of 2/11/2014.
CARPC Red text indicates location in application where CARPC comment has been addressed by City of Fitchburg staff.
CARPC Letter from Barbara Weber, CARPC's Community Planner, to Tom Hovel, City of Fitchburg's City Planner, in response to City of Fitchburg's draft Northeast Neighborhood SSA Amendment Application.
City of Fitchburg Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan 2008, a document submitted as part of the Fitchburg NE Neighborhood SSA plan amendment request.
Northeast Neighborhood Specific Inventory and Resource Analysis.
City of Fitchburg's Northeast Neighborhood Conceptual Storm Water Management Plan.
Drawdown of Groundwater - including Waubesa area, Ken Bradbury Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey.
Activities & Recommendations
Urban Growth Planning
Fitchburg NE Neighborhood: Lake Waubesa, Mud Lake, Nine Springs, Swan Creek, Murphy's Creek, Waubesa Wetlands
Water Quality Planning