South Fork Hay River TWA 2015-2016


Western District proposes to conduct 319 Project Evaluation monitoring in the South Fork Hay River Watershed in St. Croix and Dunn Counties. The South Fork Hay River Watershed was selected in 1993 as a large scale priority watershed project through the Nonpoint Source Water Pollution Abatement Program. As part of the project, appraisal monitoring was completed in 1994 to document the condition of water resources in the watershed and determine objectives and pollutant reduction goals for major waterbodies (primarily wadable streams). This project will include working with Watershed staff and appropriate counties to determine the number and types of best management practices (BMPs) installed in the watershed since 1995. This will prioritize where follow up evaluation monitoring will be completed in the watershed. Ideally, monitoring will be completed in HUC 12 subwatersheds that had the most BMP installation. However, there may also be situations where individual streams or segments will be targeted for monitoring.


The primary objective of this project is to determine if the implementation of BMPs in the SF Hay River Watershed have resulted in improved water resource conditions in watershed streams. Stream surveys completed during the watershed appraisal in 1994 documented water resource conditions prior to the implementation of BMPS. Evaluation surveys will be completed at 40 selected sites to determine if stream conditions improved as a result of BMPs implemented in the watershed. Follow up surveys

Study Design

Western District staff with support from Central office and other District staff plan to re-survey stream sites in the South Fork Hay River Watershed where BMPs have been installed to reduce sediment and nutrient inputs. During appraisal monitoring in 1994, 107 fish and quantitative habitat surveys were completed on the South Fork Hay River and major tributary streams. Evaluation monitoring in 2015 will be completed at approximately 40 of the original fish and habitat sites where BMPs have been installed. These surveys will determine if habitat conditions improved as a result of BMP installation and if fish communities responded to improvements. Habitat scores and ratings will be compared between surveys years as well as individual scoring metrics. Cold water trout communities were generally found during the appraisal. Water Resource objectives for the project included increasing reproduction of trout and improve survival of adult fish. Fish IBI scores will be compared between survey years as well as trout densities and size structure. Macroinvertebrate samples were collected at 12 sites near the mouth of major tributaries to document water quality conditions. These sites will be resurveyed and evaluated using HBI and IBI metrics In addition continuous temperature and dissolved oxygen monitoring was completed at a limited number of sites during the appraisal. Continuous temperature loggers will be deployed from June through August to document thermal conditions of monitored streams. Continuous DO meters will be deployed at the four sites surveyed during the appraisal. DNI and TP growing season samples will be collected at the pore point of three HUC 12s in the watershed.

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