Twin Cr., Baraboo R. TWA 2015-2017


Jean Unmuth proposes this two year project to complete monitoring in this HUC 12 for watershed planning purposes. Methodology will follow 2014 watershed guidance for impaired waters as well. Sauk County has agreed to cooperate in monitoring for the project. This HUC falls within the Regional Conservation Planning Partnership Program project area for the Baraboo River, and is within the Wisconsin River TMDL project area. Two of the four streams (Silver and Babb Creek), have been recently monitored, and impaired waters documents along with water quality reports are already in SWIMS. Therefore this proposal includes monitoring only Twin Creek (WBIC 1279400), unnamed tributary of Twin Cr. (WBIC 1279600) and Hay Creek (WBIC 1279000). Twin Creek was listed as impaired for phosphorus without biological supporting data, and Hay Creek was listed as Impaired for phosphorus with only one MIBI score of poor for biological confirmation. This project would then complete monitoring of all streams in this HUC 12.


To complete watershed monitoring and draft a watershed plan that will include the nine key elements. The plan will provide information to work cooperatively with Sauk County CP&Z and other agencies, to determine sites in the watershed where BMP's could be implemented to help reduce phosphorus and sediment in the Baraboo River watershed, and improve water quality and habitat in specific streams. It will also provide baseline data which can be compared from pre- to post- implementation of conservation BMP's. During the 2014-2015 assessment cycle, Twin Creek (WBIC 1279400) monitor three to four sites within three different natural community stream reaches, one site in an unnamed tributary of Twin Cr. (WBIC 1279600) and four sites in two different natural community stream reaches in Hay Creek (WBIC 1279000).


1. Nine sample sites in three streams 2. sampling events - 8 in FY16, 6 in FY17, about half the events in spring and half after July each year. 3. September 2016 complete monitoring 4. September 2016 all data entered 5. January 2017 Draft Report 6. SWIMS, FH database 7. Interns will enter data, Unmuth will proof data. This is a new project

Study Design

Targeted watershed assessment using Impaired assessment parameters; TSS & Nitrogen series near the mouth of Hay and Twin Creeks in FY2017. If budget permits diatom and phosphorus samples for Site Specific Criteria will be collected at a site in Twin and Hay Creeks in FY2017, Collect three to four total Macroinvertebrate samples in FY2016. Collect at least one Fish sample in each different natural community segment over a two year period. Collect qualitative habitat, water quality, and flows at nine stations over a two year period. Collect temperature at the downstream most station for Twin and Hay Creeks. Sauk County LCD has agreed to cooperate and collect some of the macroinvertebrate and temperature data. HUC 12 -70900030103

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