Sixmile Creek Pheasant Branch TWA 2015-2016


Monitor Sixmile Creek, Pheasant Branch, and Dorn Creek as part of the Targeted Watershed Assessment. This project will look at the following HUC-12's. Pheasant Branch- 0709000206 (14,441 acres) Upper Sixmile Creek- 070900020601 (23,732 acres) Lower Sixmile Creek- 070900020602 (15,769 acres) This project will determine if streams are meeting the designated biological uses, and if segments are impaired and potential listing for 303d list.


This project will address management objectives Determine is streams are meeting biological uses, determine if streams are impaired and not meeting designated uses.Determine if Stream Natural Community Classification is correct.


This project addresses management questions, proper classifications, use designation, stream impairments, potential for listing, and natural community model verification In the following HUCs: 0709000206, 070900020601, 070900020602.

Study Design

Complete the following monitoring activities: Fish IBI surveys: 18-20 sites HUC 12s - 70900020602 and 70900020604. Macroinvertebrates: 12 sites Diatom Index collection: 6 sites Qualitative Habitat: 18-20 sites Instantaneous flow samples: 18-20 sites

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Sixmile Creek Pheasant Branch TWA 2015
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Sixmile Creek, Pheasant Branch TWA 2015
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