Lake Mendota TWA 2015-2017


This will be a 319 evaluation of the Lake Mendota Priority Watershed. Project area includes the following HUC12's units (070900020501, 070900020502, 070900020504, and 070900020508). Southern district will perform monitoring activities in partnership with Dane County, MMSD, and USGS. Monitoring will consist or water quality samples, benthic macroinvertebrates (12), Fish IBI surveys (24), diatom indexing (DNI) (6), and Qualitative Habitat Surveys (22). This sampling will take place during the spring summer and fall of 2015.


This project will be evaluating a 319 9key element watershed. The watershed is Lake Mendota, it consists of 4 HUC 12's (070900020501-504) they range in size from 15,513 acres to 22,849 acres. Waterbodies include: Token Creek 806600, Yahara River 798300, two un-named tribs 807800 and 807500, and the Harbison or Pederson branch 806800. The number of fish stations for IBI's will be 24, the number of macroinvertebrate sites will be 12, number of DNI samples will be 6, number of qualitative habitat sites will be 24. Water chemistry samples will be collected at three sites as a continuation of Richard Lathrop's project (Lake Mendota tributary P/N sampling SCR_14_CMP14.


Project will focus on determining Priority Watershed Effectiveness. In 1995-96, I conducted the "Lake Mendota Priority Watershed Surface Water Resource Appraisal Report". This was a large scale priority watershed project focusing on NPS control. Report will be generated summarizing our findings and determining if water quality has changed. The water chemistry portion of this project will have data analysis and summary of findings completed by Richard Lathrop to determine project effectiveness and if trends are found. This write up will be a short analysis not a technical bulletin like originally discussed. It will be important to have this done to allow the streams technical team to review and either support this project into the future or determine if funding needs to come outside of this process.

Study Design

Fish IBI surveys: (COLD, WARM, and COOL) will be completed at 24 stations May 15 through Sept 15. Data entered into the statewide FH database. Macroinvertebrate samples: will be collected at 12 locations, these will be collected during the fall period (Sept 15 through Oct 31,2015. Diatoms: will be collected at 6 locations during the summer of 2015. Protocols will be consistent with those outlined by ISS. Qualitative Habitat Surveys: will be collected at 24 locations to be completed the same day as the fishery surveys. Water Chemistry Samples: will be collected at several stations by USGS (#3) and CBSM (6). Samples collected by CBSM RRC Nancy Sheehan Crew will be analyzed by MMSD as part of the grant that Nancy got from MMSD/ Yahara WINS. Better system needs to happen to capture the CBSM RRC data from MMSD. Software is being purchased by MMSD to aide in this process. Samples collected by USGS will be analyzed at SLOH and data will be captured in SWIMS.

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