Mineral Point TWA Year 2


This project is a companion to the Mineral Point Watershed HUC 12 TWA project to augment sampling to the HUC 10 level. The project will monitor the contemporary status of streams in the two remaining HUC 12's (070900030101 and 070900030103) of the Mineral Point Watershed. The department needs current fish, habitat, and macroinvertebrate data for streams in these subwatersheds. The data is necessary to determine whether these streams are achieving their attainable use in order to update the watershed tables, list waters that are not meeting their attainable use, and assess the overall health of the watershed as required by Section 305(b) of the Clean Water Act. These subwatersheds were identified as top group watersheds for input of nutrients in the WI Nutrient Reduction Strategy. There are also two streams potentially impacted by heavy metals as the result of mining discharge - Pedler Creek and Brewery Creek. This watershed is also of interest to the Southwest Grasslands State Conservation Area group who is interested in getting landowners to participate in programs that will help sustain birds of interest as well as improve water quality. Read the Mineral Point Watershed TWA WQ Plan.


Data gathered for this project will be used to update watershed plan and stream narratives in the State of the Basin report. It will also be used to update information related to impaired waters listings and potentially used to determine if there are management actions that could take place to improve water quality.


Fisheries, habitat, and macroinvertebrate data will be collected at 30 sites in the two HUC 12 watersheds. Data will be collected during the field season of the 2015 calendar year. Data will be entered into the FH database and SWIMS. Updated streams narratives and watershed reports will be entered into SWIMS and WATERS. All data will be entered into the respective database by Dec. 2015 or as soon as it becomes available. Final reports to be drafted in winter 2016/2017.

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Targeted Watershed Approach
Evaluation (TP SSC, Stressor, Bioassess)
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Sudan Branch off Stude Road 7 (929000)
Sudan Branch off Stude Road 6 (929000)
This is a final report of the 2015 assessment of the Mineral Point and Sudan Branches watershed. HUC 10: 0709000301.
SCR_03_CMP15 status 10 14 2016
Acute and chronic ambient toxicity testing results for Brewery Creek
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Biomonitoring Toxicity Tests
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