ECWRPC WQM Plan Contract, Reports 2015


The East Central Regional Wisconsin RPC contracts with DNR to receive funds for carrying out sewer service area planning program work in the designated areas of the Fox River Valley area, as per NR121. ECRPC's contract involves several components identified in their annual work plan. For More information about the area

To prepare and maintain sewer service area plans for the Fox River Designated Water Quality Management Area and select communities throughout the 10 county region. For more detailed work program element goals and objectives please SEE ANNUAL Work Program.

Identify wastewater treatment and collection needs for sewer service areas for a 20 year planning period;
Forecast the amount and location of future urban development areas;
Identify wastewater treatment capacities and facility/system issues;
Identify and delineate long term planning area boundaries (50 year period)
Identify environmentally sensitive areas where development should be limited to protect water quality;
Contain land use forecast and recommendations for implementing wastewater treatment and collection plans for individual sewer service areas;
Establish holding tank service areas for isolated and rural special uses, and;
Provide recommendations for plan implementation.

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Water Quality Planning
AWQMP Program
Reports and Documents
ECWRPC 2015 - 3rd & 4th Quarter Report (July-December), describes the work effort and progress reporting for sewer service area planning activities as agreed to in the 2015 Water Quality Management agreement.
ECWRPC 2015 final draft report for the 2035 Eden Sewer Service Area Plan. This document has been submitted to the WDNR for final certification.
ECWRPC 2015 2035 Eden Sewer Service Area Plan updates the 2000 Eden Sewer Service Area Plan.
ECWRPC 2015 DNR Review of WQM Plan Quarterly Report (2) for 2015
ECWRPC 2015 2nd quarter report and invoice
ECWRPC 2015 DNR Review of WQM Plan Quarterly Report (1) for 2015
ECWRPC 2015 1st Quarter reporting per the 2015 Water Quality Management agreement. Applicant is not requesting payment at this time.
ECWRPC 2015 document details the SSA work items to be performed.
ECWRPC 2015 signed cover letter document.
Document includes correspondence from Eric Fowle, Executive Director of ECWRPC, "1200 Work Element" excerpt, and ECWRPC 2015 Work Plan.
Activities & Recommendations
Sewer Service Area Planning
Fox Valley WQ Area