Eau Claire River


The goal of this project is to collect additional water chemistry from the Eau Claire River at CTH G. This sampling is a continuation of an approved FY 2006 project. Samples will be analyzed for total phosphorus, othro-phosphorus, and total suspended solids (6 sample events). Field parameters including temperature, pH, and dissolved oxygen will also be collected. There is a USGS gage site at the sampling location operated by the National Weather Service's North Central River Forecast Center. Sample and flow data will be used to calculate nutrient and sediment loads to Lake Eau Claire.


Data will be evaluated to augment the existing loading data at for Lake Eau Claire. Data will be used to calibrate/validate a watershed model for the Lake Eau Claire basin. This in conjunction with previous studies in the basin will be used to develop nutrient goals for Lake Eau Claire and Lake Altoona.

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