LaCrosse Use Designation


WCR plans to review several existing NR 104 classifications each year and collect new data following the new Use Designation Guidance. Parameters sampled are outlined in the WDNR guidance document for designating fish and aquatic life uses in Wisconsin surface waters. Data collected at survey sites will include; fishery surveys, habitat evaluations/observations and potentially macroinvertebrate sampling and continuous dissolved oxygen and temperature monitoring. These parameters will also be collected on appropriate least impacted reference sites if needed. Reference sites are needed to help determine if the existing use found during the surveys is also the potential use of the stream. If an existing stream use is Very Tolerant Aquatic Life or Tolerant Fish and Aquatic Life, the macroinvertebrate and fish data collected at reference sites would help determine the potential use classification.


The Region will conduct surveys on five variance streams and five reference sites in FY 2007. Each classification, at a minimum will include two survey sites; more if deemed necessary. Continuous dissolved oxygen/temperature/pH monitoring will also be completed as deemed necessary by the biologist. Following is the minimal sampling effort for the Region.

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