Maine Water Quality Standards Related to Designated Uses and Biological Criteria

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Presentation by Maine DEP staffers Tom Daniiellson and Dave Courtemanch. Intended for a lay audience, covers why use biological criteria.
This manual describes the field, laboratory and data preparation methods required by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection to collect and analyze benthic macroinvertebrate samples for the River and Stream Biological Monitoring Program. The biological classification of Maine's inland waters was authorized by the Maine State Legislature with the passage of Public Law 1985 Chapter 698 - The Classification System for Maine Waters. This law states that it is the State's objective "to restore and maintain the chemical, physical and biological integrity" of its waters, and establishes a water quality classification system to enable the State to manage its waters so as to protect their quality. The classification system further establishes minimum standards for each class, which are based on designated uses, and related characteristics of those uses, for each class of water.