Clean Boats, Clean Waters - Smoky Lake 2014-2016 [AIRR-166-14]


The Town of Phelps is sponsoring an Early Detection and Response project focusing on a new discovery of Eurasian Watermilfoil (EWM) in Smokey Lake in Vilas County. The project includes surveying, monitoring, mapping, and hand-pulling of EWM in Smoky Lake. Project activities include: 1) Conduct annual early-season and mid-late season AIS surveys; 2) Conduct volunteer AIS surveillance monitoring; 3) Control EWM by professional hand-removal and DASH efforts; 4) Conduct watercraft inspections and enter data into SWIMS; 5) Host a project wrap-up meeting; 6) Develop annual maps and report; 7) Develop end of project report.

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