Otter Creek 1237100 TMDL


2-year TMDL Monitoring plus historical macroinvertebrate data.


Name: OTTER CREEK WBIC: 1237100 Segment: 1 Assessment Level Type: Monitored NPS Rank: Not Ranked Current Use: CLASS II TROUT, GENERAL ADVISORY Attainable Use: CLASS II TROUT Supporting Attainable Use: Partially Designated Use: CLASS II TROUT Data Quality Type: B1, B4, H3, P1, P2 Info Sources: 1980 Trout Book, 2002 Blue Book of Trout Streams Spatial Datalayer, Watershed Tables Pollutants: Low flow alterations, Mercury, Sediment Impairments: Fishes Bioassessments (Streams), Low flow alterations, Physical substrate habitat alterations Sources: Atmospheric Deposition - Toxics, Impacts from Hydrostructure Flow Regulation/modification, Loss of Riparian Habitat, Non-Point Source 303d Category: Nonpoint source dominated 303D Status: TMDL_DEVELOPMENT 303D Priority: HIGH_PRIORITY START_MILE_NO: 14.88 END_MILE_NO: 19.86 WATER_TYPE_SIZE_AMT: 4.98 MEASUREMENT_UNIT: MILES WT_303D_TMDL_ID: 331 TROUT_CLASS_CODE: CLASS II

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2-year TMDL Monitoring plus historical macroinvertebrate data.