Martin Branch TMDL


This project represents the Martin Branch TMDL, which is part of a series of small TMDLs in southwest Wisconsin.


Fish and habitat database (fish surveys) Habitat assessments are scheduled to be conducted May 2006 SLOH lab portal Pers. Comm. Jim Amrhein, Mike Gilbertson

Study Design

2-year TMDL Monitoring

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USEPA Decision Document. 'After a full and complete review, EPA finds that the TMDLs for Martin Branch, Martinville Creek,and Rogers Branch satisfies all of the elements of approvable TMDLs. This document addresses 15 TMDLs for 10 waterbody segments and 15 impairments from the 2006 Wisconsin 303(d) list.
Real Time flow data for Rogers Branch at Govier Road
Data Documentation Martin Branch, Impaired Waters listing Documentation, Grant County