Cedar Creek, Ruck Pond PCBs


USGS, WDNR or its contractor (Baird & Associates) completed extensive sediment, suspended sediment, algal filtered and unfiltered water samples and analysis, and no less than three studies for PCBs for the Milwaukee River and its tributary Cedar Creek. SER Staff will prepare a summary of the reports by June 30th, 2007 that presents the findings and remediation recommendations from these studies.


A summary of the existing reports will be completed by June 30th, 2007. 4. Data Storage System (work station computer, lab portal, SWIMS, FH database, etc.): Final Report


To find historical data, search on WBIC in fieldwork events or by station.Not all stations are linked and not all pertinent fieldwork is linked

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Cedar Creek Ruck Pond ATTAINS
Reports and Documents
Cedar Creek USEPA TMDL Decision Document. 'After a full and complete review, EPA finds that the TMDLs for Cedar Creek and Milwaukee River watershed satisfy all of the elements of approvable TMDLs. This approval is for 2 TMDLs, addressing 1 impairment each in 2 waterbody segments.'
Final TMDL Submitted on August 29, 2008. Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) Total Maximum Daily Load for Cedar Creek & Milwaukee River (Thiensville Segment) Ozaukee County, WI
url for Milwaukee Estuary Area of Concern
Map of Cedar Creek mile 0-5, sediment TMDL site
EPA Sediment Remediation Website - GLNPO