Macroinvertebrates and Fish Habitat Assessment


Assessment of macroinvertebrates, macrophytes, and fish habitat similar to work done in 2010 in project GL00E00489


BUI assessment


Inform BUI: Degradation of Fish and Wildlife Populations, Degradation of Fish and Wildlife Habitat

Study Design

Macroinvertebrates will be collected using standard WDNR protocols for wadeable streams (WDNR 2000). One sample will be collected at each site (Table 1) using a D-framed kick net. Specimens will be preserved in ethanol for later identification. Data will be applied to several biotic indices. One site (SR 01) is non-wadeable and the following sampling approach will used for this site. Macroinvertebrates will be collected using modified Hester-Dendy (H-D) artificial substrate samplers. Sampler construction and deployment is based upon Ohio EPA (1987)

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