Fish Community Assessment


Representative fish community samples will be collected at each site (Table 1) using backpack-mounted, towed-barge, or boat-mounted electrofishing units. Individuals will be counted, weighed and measured as appropriate and data will be applied to an index of biotic integrity (IBI) (Lyons 1992; Lyons 2006; Lyons et al. 2001; WDNR 2001). The fish IBI relates community structure to community health and water quality


Assess status of BUI


Inform BUI: Degradation of Fish and Wildlife Populations, Degradation of Fish and Wildlife Habitat

Study Design

Repeat of GLRI_00E00489 - All fish observed will be collected with small nets. Fish will be identified to species and the number of each species recorded. Fish that cannot be identified in the field will be placed into 10% formalin for later identification.

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