SAND LAKE MANAGEMENT DISTRICT: Sand Lake Eurasian Water Milfoil Treatment


The Sand Lake Management District is sponsoring a three year aquatic invasive species (AIS) project for Sand Lake to control or eradicate Eurasian Water Milfoil (EWM) including an early season, large-scale herbicide treatment of established beds of EWM in 2006, and post-treatment monitoring through 12/31/2008 to determine the initial treatment effectiveness and its impact on target and non-target species. Included with the post monitoring is the potential for re-treatment or spot treatment of missed or reemerging EWM. Efforts at preventing new AIS infestations into Sand Lake will be addressed with an education program for lake residents via the district newsletter. Bouy markers will be placed in the lake to delineate the current boundaries of existing beds of EWM for both herbicide application and lake users. Chemical treatment will be conducted in accordance with guidelines provided in a DNR approved Aquatic Plant Management (APM) Plan. All appropriate DNR APM protocols will be followed. Post monitoring will be completed by a professional entity with the support of Sand Lake Management District volunteers. Re-treatment, spot treatment, or other treatments will be completed as necessary provided impact on non-target species is minimal and they are approved in the APM Plan. Special conditions for this project: 1. The grant sponsor must include a DNR approved watercraft inspection program at the public access site on Sand Lake beginning in early summer 2006 and lasting through the projects completion in 2008. 2. The sponsor shall immediately report any new AIS infestation to an appropriate DNR representative. Project Deliverables: Treatment and follow-up results will be provided to the DNR Lake Coordinator and DNR APM Coordinator for review and comments. A Final report including copies of newsletter(s), results of the watercraft inspection program and treatment summaries shall be proved in paper and electronic (.pdf) form.

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