VILLAGE OF KIMBERLY: Stormwater Planning Projects


development of a storm water management plan, to include creation of stormwater, erosion & illicit discharge control ordinances, mapping, assessment of alternative practice installations, and creation of a municipal storm water utility.


The Village of Kimberly completed the following items under the UNPS&SW Grant: The Villages entire drainage system is mapped. The drainage system maps were included with the Storm Water Management Plan which was submitted to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources regional office in Green Bay. A Citizen Advisory Board (CAB) was convened and met on several occasions to involve itself in matters relating to public involvement and education. The CAB did rank order topics which should be addressed as part of an information and education campaign. The Village adopted a dedicated funding source or stormwater utility fee to financially support the municipal stormwater program, including public education and outreach. The Village has developed the following components of the plan: Public Education and Outreach Public Involvement & Participation Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination Construction Site Pollution Control Post Construction Storm Water Management Municipal Pollution Prevention

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