POST LAKES P & R DISTRICT: Upper Post Lake Comprehensive Mgt Plan Study


The Post Lakes Protection and Rehabilitation District will update the Lower Post Lake Comprehensive Lake Management Plan. The update will be simultaneous with the plan update for Upper Post Lake. The updates will include the aquatic plant element, and analysis of management alternatives and recommendations. Deliverables: 1. Updated Comprehensive Lake Management Plan for Upper Post Lakes including components for all four tasks outlined in the grant proposal (education/goals/objectives, watershed definition/land-use and lake modeling, water quality monitoring, and aquatic vegetation surveys) 2. Aquatic Plant Management Alternatives 3. Map of Aquatic Plant beds including identification of plant sensitive areas; 4. Secchi data entered into the Self-Help Secchi Disk database though the telephone system. The Department of Natural Resources will be provided with both a paper copy and an electronic copy of the final report. The project results will be disseminated to the public by newsletter(s), public meeting(s), and local newspaper articles.

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