TOWN OF CABLE: Cable, Perry, Tahkodah Lakes AIS Inspection & Education


The Town of Cable is sponsoring an aquatic invasive species (AIS) grant on behalf of the Cable Lake Association and the Tahkodah Lake District to establish a watercraft inspection program at three public access points which includes watercraft inspection, in-lake monitoring for invasive species, education of lake residents and the surrounding community(s), and improved signage at all public access points. Methods include hiring a paid independent contractor for each lake group to organize and coordinate the project. All watercraft inspection will follow the guidelines put forth by the WI-DNR & UW-Ext.-Lakes "Clean Boats, Clean Waters" (CBCW) program. In addition some in-lake monitoring will be accomplished via samples collected by volunteers in the surrounding lakes. Educational and informational materials will be distributed to a diverse audience including lake groups, businesses, landowners, lake users, and others. Informational and public awareness articles will be submitted to local media outlets for publication to further spread the prevention message. Special conditions for this project: 1. Project sponsor will immediately report any new AIS infestation to the appropriate DNR representative. 2. Follow all CBCW protocols including timely submission of all watercraft inspection data to the CBCW database. 3. Provide DNR Lake Coordinator with the following: a) Photo documentation of educational & public awareness signs on location at all public and private landings that are included, b) Copies of all publications in which AIS articles were submitted and published, c) List of all locations where printed materials and signs were distributed. 4. DNR to receive both paper and electronic (.pdf) copies of final report which includes documentation of all in-kind/volunteer contributions.

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