TOWN OF FLORENCE: Frog Lake Eurasian Water Milfoil Removal


The Town of Florence in cooperation with lakeshore residents of Frog Lake will sponsor a project to remove/control large beds of Eurasian water-milfoil hybrid. A large EWM hybrid bed will be treated in accordance with the DNR issued Aquatic Plant Management permit in spring of 2005 and possibly again in late October, 2005 depending on summer growth. Weevils will be added to the pond and lagoon in early summer 2005. Hand removal by lake association members will be ongoing. This integrated pest management process will be repeated as necessary for at least the next five years. Products: 1) Articles about the project will be written to local newspapers. 2) Frog Lake residents and landowners will be updated about the project through direct mail and email. 3) Chemical treatment of EWM beds in accordance with DNR issued Aquatic Plant Management permit in addition to weevils, and manual removal following WI-DNR recommendations. 4) Pre and post treatment surveys (for known and unknown areas of infestation), mapping the location and densities of EWM hybrid, will be conducted. 5) An aquatic plant survey, using the WI-DNR point-intercept methodology, will be conducted. Electronic and paper data made available to the DNR. 6) Final report will be made available to the DNR, other interested agencies, local organizations and media

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