TOWN OF LAKE TOMAHAWK: Aquatic Invasive Species Control


The Town of Lake Tomahawk in cooperation with the Lake Tomahawk riparian associations (Pottawattomie Colony, Inc. and Tomahawk Lake Property Owners Assn.) will sponsor a project to treat eurasian water-milfoil during the spring of 2005, with the hope of early eradication. They will also provide an educational component to teach area residents of the dangers of aquatic invasive species and control/prevention measures, as well as giving periodic project updates. Products: 1) Pioneer beds of eurasian water-milfoil will be chemically treated in accordance with the Department issued chemical control permit. 2) Pre and post treatment surveys (for known and unknown areas of infestation), mapping the location and densities of EWM, will be conducted. 3) A final report will be made available to the DNR, Oneida County Land Conservation Dept., local lake associations, districts, and media.

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