POST LAKES P & R DISTRICT: Curly Leaf Pondweed Treatment/Clean Boats Clean Water Inspection


The Post Lake P&R District will sponsor a project to chemically treat pioneer beds of curly-leaf pondweed in Upper Post Lake and the Wolf River above Post Lake. The District has been treating an 8 acre and .8 acre bed of CLP for 4 years and 1 year respectively. The District will hold meetings with waterbodies' associations to the north of Post Lakes in the Wolf River system (Pine and Little Rice Lakes) to coordinate a planning effort against CLP. Project updates will be given to the riparian owners via a quarterly newsletter and trained watercraft inspectors will monitor boat landings during peak weekends and holidays. Products: 1) Two pioneer beds of curly-leaf pondweed will be treated in accordance with the Department issued chemical control permit. 2) Pre and post treatment surveys mapping the location and densities of CLP will be conducted. 3) District newsletter will be distributed to riparian property owners and DNR. 4) Inspectors will monitor boat landings during peak times and input daily totals from Form 3200-120 into the WI-DNR website. Diaries will be retained for at least three years. 5) Inspectors will deliver suspected AIS to Rhinelander WDNR Service Center for vouchering. 6) A final report will be made available to the DNR, Oneida and Langlade County Land Conservation Dept., local lake associations, districts, and media.

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