TOWN OF HAZELHURST: AIS Lake Monitoring - Boat Landings


The Town of Hazelhurst will sponsor a project involving 14 local lake associations to take part in Clean Boat-Clean Waters trainings. The township will hire inspectors to monitor boat landings during weekends, holidays, and fishing tournaments. Inspectors will inspect boats, survey boaters about aquatic invasive species, and share AIS information and materials to increase public awareness of AIS issues and prevent additional AIS from entering area lakes. High priority will be placed on Katherine and McCormick Lakes. The township will work to create a partnership with the 14 lake associations and have the volunteer inspectors monitor the local private boat landings. A power washer will be purchased and made available to inspectors for high use boating events. AIS educational materials will be distributed to local resorts, guides/bait shops, motel, and boat sales/rental outlets. The township will also form a five person volunteer committee to develop an AIS Rapid Response Plan. A final report including a summary of inspections completed, findings and the AIS Rapid Response Plan will be made available to the DNR, Oneida County Land Conservation Dept., local lake associations, districts, and media.

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