TOWN OF DELTA: Taking Back Our Lakes: Pike Chain & Delta Chain of Lakes


The Town of Delta is sponsoring a 1-yr. project to establish a watercraft inspection program in accordance with the Wisconsin "Clean Boats, Clean Waters" program at two main public access points in the Delta Area. The Twin Bear Lake County Park landing on the Pike Chain (EWM discovered in 2004) will be monitored to prevent EWM fragments from leaving the lake, and the Delta Lake County Park landing (no known EWM infestation) will be monitored to prevent EWM fragments from entering the system. As a part of this program, volunteers will also collect aquatic plant samples from all around the two systems by providing lake users with materials to preserve any vegetation snagged on fishing lines, stuck on boat motors, or picked up while enjoying the lakes. Attempts will be made to identify and record these samples and to determine which lake or part of the lake they originated from. Additional watercraft inspection time will be provided on two other accesses on the Pike Chain as well. Informational and educational materials will also be distributed to lake users, property owners, and resorts and other private businesses as a part of this project. Upon project completion the sponsor will provide the state with a comprehensive report including: 1. A watercraft inspection summary including time spent and number of people reached. 2. A summary of CBCW survey results and aquatic plant sampling program. 3. Documentation of in-kind donated goods & services. 4. Education and information materials generated. *In addition, all "Clean Boats, Clean Waters" program activities including watercraft inspection hours, boat landing survey results, and trained citizen inspectors will be reported in accordance with CBCW guidelines by this projects completion date. Special conditions: *The project sponsor shall immediately report any potential new EWM infestation (including new lakes in the Pike Chain) to Frank Koshere (715) 392-0807 or Dave Blumer (715) 635-4078.

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