TOWN OF BELLE PLAINE: Cloverleaf Lakes Aquatic Invasive Species Study


The Town of Belle Plaine proposes to partner with the Cloverleaf Lake Protective Association to establish a prevention and control strategy for the Aquatic Invasive Species. The main objective is the implementation of a boat monitoring program at the public boat landing. The Clean Boats, Clean Waters volunteer watercraft inspection protocol will be followed. The volunteer boat launch monitors will also collect information from the lake users to establish a lake user profile. The construction of a monitor shelter and information kiosk is also proposed. The results of the project will be shared with lake residents and all other interested parties through the Cloverleaf Lakes Protection Association (CLPA) newsletter, CLPA annual meetings, and through the Town of Belle Plaine board meetings and annual meetings.

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ALPL-009-04Cloverleaf Lakes Aquatic Invasive Species Study
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