AMERY LAKES P & R DISTRICT: Amery Lakes Planning Project - North Twin Lake


Amery Lakes Planning Project - North Twin Lake The Amery Lakes Protection District will conduct a comprehensive lake management planning project involving a study and evaluation of the three Amery Lakes (Pike L., No. Twin L. and, So. Twin L.) in Polk County. This 3-phase project includes the following activities: Phase I - Project kick-off, news release and meetings; lake sediment and water quality sampling; and watershed data review & mapping. Phase II - Field data collection, septic system survey, watershed delineation and evaluation, macrophyte survey, sensitive area survey, lake modeling, and compilation of draft lake management plan. Phase III - Preparation of final project results and best management practice recommendations, preparation of Final Lake Management Plan and, release of project results. Specific deliverables for this grant project include: 1. A comprehensive final report, including the results of all of the project activities and the developed management strategies. The Department of Natural Resources will be provided with both a paper copy and an electronic copy of the final report. The project results will be disseminated to the public by newsletter(s), public meeting(s), and local newspaper articles.

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