VILAS COUNTY LAND & WATER CONSERV COMMITTEE: Attacking Aquatic Exotics-A Resource Guide for Lake Organizations


The Vilas County Land & Water Conservation Department will sponsor a project which will create a written resource guide as a tool for Vilas County lake organizations to fight either present or potential aquatic exotics. The guide will include steps and actions that organizations can take to ward off invasions, and reactive actions to cope with an exotic species problem. The guide will be produced in two formats, one will be specific to Vilas County and one will be generalized for statewide use. The resource guide will be placed on the web and will be delivered to Vilas County lake groups by hand delivery, mail and CDs. The Department will receive copies of all data and reports produced in hard copy and electronic (pdf) format.

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ASPL-001-04Attacking Aquatic Exotics-A Resource Guide for Lake Organizations
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