TOWN OF LINCOLN: Lake Metonga AIS Survey & Eurasian Water Milfoil Treatment


The Town of Lincoln, in cooperation with the Lake Metonga Association, will sponsor a project to perform plant community surveys of Lake Metonga and chemically treat several small colonies of Eurasian Water Milfoil (EWM). EWM assessments and GPS mapping of existing beds will be conducted in spring 2005 prior to treatment and post treatment in the summer 2005 and spring 2006. Curly-leaf Pondweed occurrences will be mapped, using GPS, during a boat survey in spring 2005. A comprehensive macrophyte survey will be conducted in summer 2005 using the WI-DNR point-intercept methodology. Mapping of the macrophyte community types by dominant species and location of invasive aquatic plants will be completed. An education campaign will be developed including promotion of prevention strategies through a newsletter to area residents and local newspapers during Memorial Day weekend. The lake association will train the local high school environmental class in the identification of aquatic plants, large marked waste containers for disposal of aquatic plants and unused bait will be placed at boat landings and AIS warning signs will be stenciled on the pavement. The lake association will also coordinate with the Mole Lake Chippewa Biologist (Michael Preul) to provide AIS information and conduct boat inspections at the launch. Products: 1. Collect, map and analyze macrophyte survey data. 2. Chemical treatment of Eurasian water milfoil beds. 3. Sets of voucher specimens from the macrophyte survey given to the DNR/Herbarium and Lake Metonga Association. 4. Complete final reports - Written and electronic disseminated to DNR, Forest County, Town of Lincoln, Lake Metonga Association and local libraries.

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Survey completed August 11 & 12, 2005 by Tim Hoyman, Eddie Heath, and Craig Stettner
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ACEI-001-05Lake Metonga AIS Survey & Eurasian Water Milfoil Treatment
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