LAKE MINNESUING SANITARY DISTRICT: Lake Minnesuing Eurasian Water Milfoil Education


The Lake Minnesuing Sanitary District AIS project will conduct a watercraft inspection program in accordance with the Wisconsin state "Clean Boats, Clean Waters" program at three landings on the lake and build informational kiosks at each of these landings. To accomplish this, 3 seasonal positions will be hired at $7.00/hour. A member of the sanitary district will serve as supervisor to the positions and oversee the design, construction, and installation of the kiosks. Upon completion of this project the sponsor will provide the state with the following: 1. A comprehensive report of all activities related to this grant including documentation of all in-kind supervisory time and mileage. 2. Photos of each of the three installed informational kiosks. 3. A watercraft inspection summary including total time spent and number of people reached. 4. Preliminary findings associated with CBCW surveys. In addition, all "Clean Boats, Clean Waters" program activities including total watercraft inspection hours and boat landing survey results will be reported according to CBCW guidelines by the projects completion date.

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