LINCOLN COUNTY: Euraisan Water Milfoil Control & Information & Education, Seven Island Lake


Lincoln County in cooperation with the Seven Island Lake Association, will sponsor a project to manually remove approximately three acres of eurasian water-milfoil in Seven Island Lakel. During the spring of 2005, with the hope of early eradication, divers will remove EWM. The Association will also develop an EWM monitoring plan, to be used during summer and fall of 2005 to check for the spread of EWM. They will monitor for EWM throughout the summer and remove remaining milfoil during the fall of 2005. The Lincoln County Lakes Association and Seven Island Lake Association will partner to sponsor an aquatic invasive workshop. This workshop will provide an educational component to teach area residents of the dangers of aquatic invasive species, control/prevention measures, and will provide periodic project updates. Products: 1) Pioneer beds of eurasian water-milfoil will be manually removed, using scuba divers, during the spring and/or fall of 2005. 2) Pre and post treatment surveys mapping the location and densities of EWM, will be conducted. 3) An AIS monitoring plan will be developed for Seven Island Lake. 4) An AIS workshop will be held to disseminate information to the public. 5) A final report will be made available to the DNR, Lincoln County Land Conservation Dept., local lake associations, districts, and media.

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