TOWN OF NAMAKAGON: Eurasian Water Milfoil Watch & Education


The Town of Namakagon will conduct a 1-year project to monitor 9 public access points, and seven pre-determined bays on the Lake Namakagon system for the presence of EWM or other aquatic invasive species. Also included is a volunteer watercraft inspection program in accordance with the Wisconsin "Clean Boats, Clean Waters" program on the five most heavily used public access points. To accomplish these goals, a private consultant will be hired to provide aquatic plant and aquatic invasive species surveys at each of the nine access points four times during the season. The same consultant will survey the seven bays at least once during the season. Volunteers participating in a watercraft inspection program at the five busiest landings will provide in-kind match donations. Special conditions for this project: The project sponsor shall immediately report any potential new EWM infestation to Frank Koshere (715) 392-0807 or Dave Blumer (715) 635-4078. Upon completion of this project, the sponsor will provide the state with a comprehensive report including all the following: 1. Detailed results from all in-lake monitoring activities completed by the consultant, including plant species present reports and receipts for services. 2. A watercraft inspection summary including total time spent and number of people reached. 3. A summary of CBCW survey results. 4. Documentation of in-kind donated services or other financial contributions. *In addition, all "Clean Boats, Clean Waters" program activities including watercraft inspection hours, boat landing survey results, and trained citizen inspectors will be reported in accordance with CBCW guidelines by the projects completion date.

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