TOWN OF ST GERMAIN: Aquatic Plant Management Plan Study, Phase 1


The Town of St. Germain will sponor this project which will look at Little St. Germain Lake, Big St. Germain Lake, Alma and Moon Lakes, Found Lake, Content Lake and Lost Lake. The project will complete comprehensive aquatic plant surveys on 7 lakes. Each lake will have an individualized comprehensive APM Plan including management options and implementations strategies to manage existing exotics and other nuisance plants and/or to prevent the introduction of exotics. Volunteers will be trained to identify and monitor native and non-natives plants on every lake. In addition meetings and a public education campaign will work towards increasing the awareness of exotics species. All final reports will provided to the Department with raw and summarized data in both hard copy and electronic format. Aquatic Plant Survey Methods must be pre-approved by Laura Herman, DNR Aquatic Plant Specialist.

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