TOWN OF ST GERMAIN: Aquatic Invasive Boat Inspections


The Town of St. Germain will sponsor a project to increase the use of public awareness, as a tool, to prevent the spread of aquatic invasives. The town will implement a volunteer based boat inspection program at all public landings in the town for the start of the 2005 boating season. Inspection kits will be assembled (high visibility vests (to be worn by the inspectors identifying them appropriately) and supplies as recommended at the "Clean Boats - Clean Waters" training. Coordinators from each participating lake organization will solicit and identify volunteers to perform the inspections. Lake specific schedules will be developed. Highest priority will be given to highest volume landings. A unique boat decal will be considered, to identify boaters that cooperate and support of the aquatic prevention efforts. Records will be maintained regarding the dates, locations and numbers of inspections performed and their findings will appear in a final project report. Project activities include: 1. Purchase and assemble the five inspection kits. 2. Identify, train and determine a schedule for volunteers of planned inspection at the town's landings. 3. Publicize this effort. 4. Support efforts to establish town and/or county ordinances and enforcement programs (procure signs for the landings). 5. Produce a final report (paper and electronic versions).

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