VILAS COUNTY LAND & WATER CONSERV COMMITTEE: Vilas County Aquatic Invasive Species Strategic Planning


The Vilas County Land & Water Conservation Committe will sponsor a project to develop and implement a three-year countywide strategic plan to combat aquatic invasive species. A project coordinator will be hired to establish a partnership committee made up of volunteers; identify the problems and goals. A step-wise plan to realize the identified goals and push for the ultimate goal to stop or slow the spread of aquatic invasive species in Vilas County.

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Aquatic Invasives Grant
Aquatic Invasives Control
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WDNR Grant ALPT-001-05
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ALPT-001-05Vilas County Aquatic Invasive Species Strategic Planning
Hire County Aquatic Invasives Coordinator
Hire Aquatic Invasives (AIS) County Coordinator - Vilas
Aquatic Plant Management Plan