TOWN OF CAREY: Be A Friend of the Flowage - Stop the Spread


The Town of Carey, in cooperation with the Town of Pence, is sponoring a project to stop the spread of spiny water fleas from the Gile Flowage to other waters and prevent the intorduction of other invasive species into the Flowage. Additional cooperators with this project include the Friends of the Gile Flowage, Iron County Lakes Alliance and UW-Extension. An education effort including; the Clean Boats - Clean Waters program, implementation of a public awareness/action campaign including brochures and decals, installation of informational kiosks to help in invasive species identification and provide tips to prevent their spread, web site information, newsletter mailings and press releases. The Friends of the Gile Flowage will also map existing locations of invasive species in the Flowage and assist DNR with spiny water flea sampling for incorporation in the map. Towns of Carey and Pence, Friends of Gile Flowage, UW-Extension staff, and Iron County Lakes Alliance will meet to evaluate project impact and effectiveness. A final report (UWEX, Towns of Carey and Pence) will be prepared including a summary of all activities and maps produced. The report will be provided to the Department in both paper and electronic form. The report will also be released through local media and in the FOG newsletter (winter 2005).

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