SOKAOGON CHIPPEWA COMMUNITY: Establishment of Watercraft Inspection & User Education Program


The Sokaogan Chippewa Community will sponsor a project to create an inspection program for lakes in Forest County. The project will include performing a standard inspection/education program using WDNR format; performing user surveys to focus on where users are traveling to and from to determine where to focus future inspection programs; determine if "lake jumping" is occurring; and perform snorkel/scuba surveys around boat landings to look for exotics. A final report will be submitted including recommendations for future projects and the continuation of an inspection program. Raw data will be submitted to DNR and inspection data will be entered into the statewide database. News releases and public awareness of the project will be on-going during the life of the project. A traveling trailer will be purchased and augmented to serve as an educational booth that wll be used during boat launch inspections and at local educational events. All products will be provided to the DNR in hard copy and electronic forms. In addition an executive summary will be provided to the Department detailing all activities completed under the grant that are not included in the final report.

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