TOWN OF ENTERPRISE: Pelican Lake Landing AIS Education Project


The Town of Enterprise in cooperation with the Town of Schoepke, and Pelican Lake Property Owners Association will sponsor an aquatic invasive species project. Two inspectors will be hired and trained in the Wisconsin Clean Boat-Clean Waters program, to monitor boat landings during weekends, holidays, and fishing tournaments. Inspections will be done on incoming and outgoing boats, boaters will be surveyed about aquatic invasive species, and AIS information and materials will be handed out to increase public awareness of AIS issues and prevent additional AIS from entering Pelican Lake. The inspectors will also train volunteers using the Clean Boat-Clean Waters protocol. The partnership hopes to attract support and members to the Pelican Lake Property Owners Aquatic Plant Committee through volunteer AIS trainings. The aquatic plant committee will develop a long-term AIS action plan. Products: 1) Inspectors will spend at least 200 hours at the two major landings (Hwy G and Keilor's Landing) with additional hours at the smaller landings. 2) Daily totals from Form 3200-120 will be loaded into the WI-DNR website. Diaries will be retained for at least three years. 3) Inspectors will deliver suspected AIS to Rhinelander WDNR Service Center for vouchering. 4) A final report will be made available to the DNR, Oneida County Land Conservation Dept., local lake associations, districts, and media.

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