LEGEND LAKE P & R DISTRICT: Legend Lake Aquatic Invasive Species Study


Legend Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District proposed to conduct an aquatic plant survey and develop an aquatic plant management plan based on the survey. The survey and plan are being conducted to implement an Eurasian Watermilfoil (EWM) management strategy. The plant survey will reflect the location of DNR determined sensitive areas, aquatic plant communities and the distribution and abundance of EWM. Data to be collected and evaluated includes species present, estimates of species abundance, maximum rooting depth and plant distribution. Density ratings will be assigned at each transect. The consultant will present a draft aquatic plant management plan to the lake district and Department of Natural Resources for final plan approval. An open house and public information meeting will be held to discuss the results of the plant survey and to gather public input on the proposed plan. The survey results and management plan will be disseminated to the lake residents via the lake newsletter.

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