CITY OF SHELL LAKE: Invasive Species Control Plan


The City of Shell Lake will conduct a 1-yr. project to increase the watercraft inspection program at the main Shell Lake public acces and Round Lake public access in accordance with the Wisconsin "Clean Boats, Clean Waters" program. The project will use paid and volunteer monitors to provide watercraft inspection seven days a week from 6am to 8pm at the Shell Lake landing and on high use weekends at the Round Lake landing. Informational kiosk will be constructed at the Shell Lake landing for distribution of aquatic invasive species (AIS) instructional & educational materials. A project coordinator/manager will be hired to organize and facilitate watercraft inspection hours, train inspectors, and provide monthly in-lake monitoring near the landing for the presence of AIS. Upon completion of this project the sponsor shall provide the state with a comprehensive report including: 1. A watercraft inspection summary including time spent and number of people reached at each landing. 2. A summary of CBCW survey results. 3. Documentation of all in-kind goods and services. 4. Photos of completed and installed informational kiosk. 5. Results of in-lake monitoring. *In addition, all "Clean Boats, Clean Waters" program activities including watercraft inspection hours, boat landing survey results, and trained citizen inspectors will be reported in accordance with CBCW guidelines by this projects completion date. Special conditions for this project: The project sponsor shall immediately contact DNR Frank Koshere (715) 392-0807 or Dave Blumer (715) 635-4078 in the event of a new aquatic invasive species infestation

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