LITTLE ST GERMAIN LAKE P & R DISTRICT: Exotic Aquatic Species Control Project


The Little St. Germain Lake P&R District is sponsoring a grant to monitor and control the population of aquatic exotic species in the lake. This project implements recommendations contained in the recently completed five-year exotic aquatic species managment plan. Key components for this project include: maintain a monitoring & documentation program; annual treatment & control of exotic species; monitor for invasion of new exotic species; community education & awareness program and public announcments of progress and findings. Multiple aquatic plant surveys will be conducted through out each year. Survey reports will be developed including a complete species list, maps displaying locations, tables listing species & associated data for each sample point, narrative explaining survey finding's, unique conditions, differences between current and past surveys, and guidance concerning treatment areas. A final project report will be developed for this project including the reports described above and findings of the project as a whole.

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