DRUID LAKE INLAND P & R DISTRICT: Purple Loosestrife Project-Druid Lake


The Druid Lake P&R Dist., in partnership with Hartford Union High School, proposes to continue the purple loosestrife erradication project on Druid Lake. This project started approximately 6 years ago. The project includes 1) cutting, bagging, hauling and burning purple loosestrife; 2) Applying herbicide to cut stems; 3) Raising and releasing purple loosestrife beetles; and 4) Planting native species in the wetland and Druid Lake. The project deliverables will be a report on the progress of the project and a map depicting the original distribution of purple loosestrife as well as map showing the distribution purple loosestrife after each year of the project. The district will need to apply for a NR109 permit for the project.

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