POLK COUNTY: Purple Loosestrife Monitoring Project


The Polk Co. Land and Water Resource Department will sponsor a project to implement a purple loosestrife management program. Activities include: follow-up monitoring to determine the effectiveness of 2000-01 purple loosestrife survey and control program, re-establishment of a state-approved bio-control program to support the efforts of local lake associations, and identification and treatment of newly pioneering purple loosestrife infestations. A summer intern will be hired to accomplish these goals. Results from this program will be used to determine long-range management needs related to purple loosestrife in the county. Upon completion of this project, the Polk County will provide the Department with the following: 1. A comprehensive final report, in both paper and elctronic form, including picture ocumentation, mapping results, and long-range management needs. 2. 2005 treatment results including bio-control and other control activities.

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