PORTAGE COUNTY LCD: Portage Co EWM Weevil Survey


Portage County proposes to work with the Golden Sands RC&D to conduct surveys of four lakes to estimate populations of EWM controlling weevils (E. lecontei) and to formulate EWM control plans based, in part, on this information. Major project elements include: 1) random stem sample collection and mycroscopic analysis for weevil damage and presence of eggs, pubae and/or adult weevils, 2) GPS coordinates and water quality sampling (temp., DO, secchi depth) at sample locations, 3) development and distribution of a final report summarizing results and recommendations. The final report will be presented to pertinent lake management and protection groups. Paper and electronic .pdf copies of the report will be provided to the Department prior to or in conjunction with submission of a final payment request.

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Eurasian water milfoil (EWM) (Myriophyllum spicatum) is an exotic aquatic plant that has been gaining notoriety across the United States for its aggressively invasive nature. Native to the Eurasian continent, it has been inadvertently introduced to water bodies across the U.S. by boaters, recreationalists, and various aquatic industries. Once introduced, EWM, a champion of reproductive ingenuity, spreads rapidly via stolons or fragmentation. Each fragment may sprout roots and can remain afloat and stay viable for several weeks until it drifts to a suitable site, where it can become another plant.
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PORTAGE COUNTY LCD: Portage Co EWM Weevil Survey - Milfoil Weevil surveys
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