POTTERS LAKE P & R DISTRICT: Potters Lake Whole-Lake Treatment


The Potters Lake P&R District implemented a SONAR treatment in May 2004 to treat Eurasian water milfoil(EWM). Project elements include 2 SONAR treatments, USGS water quality monitoring for 4 years. EffecTEST and FasTEST sampling, 4 years of aquatic plant monitoring, 3 years of lake inspections for the reappearance of EWM, spot treatments with 2,4 D and 3 years of watercraft inspection. Annual reports will be written separately by the consultant and USGS. The annual project reports written by the consultant will include results of all the testing and monitoring: plant surveys, EffecTEST, FasTEST, lake reinspections, and spot treatments. Watercraft inspection logs will be entered into the statewide database. The project deliverables will be 1) copies of all test results; 2)two copies of each annual report; 3)a final report to summarize the project and the results of the project and 4)entering all watercraft inspection data into the statewide database.

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