TOWN OF LENROOT: Invasives Species Program


The Town of Lenroot, in cooperation with the Nelson Lake Association propose a project designed to educate the general public who use Nelson Lake about aquatic invasive species, and to stimulate them to take necessary measures to prevent their entry into Nelson Lake. The project involves placing an invasive species identification sticker on all minnow bags and buckets and worm containers bought at area bait shops. Activities include at least one informational and educational article will published by the association and placed in the local paper; an association sponsored "veggie day" forum open to lake and non-lake residents to reinforce invasive species identification; placement of waste receptacles at all four public access points. These garbage cans will be decorated with pictures of aquatic invasive species and remind users to check their boats and to discard any plant material in these receptacles. Specific deliverables for this project include a copy of the I&E article for the local paper and a picture of the waste receptacle. A final report detailing the activities completed as a result of this project should be sent to the DNR in both electronic and paper formats.

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