TOWN OF BARNES: Barnes Eurasian Water Milfoil 2005 Project


The Town of Barnes is sponsoring an aquatic invasive species (AIS) project for 2005 to address concerns about Eurasian Water Milfoil (EWM) in two area lakes and the potential for it's spread to other lakes in the area. The project includes 27 lakes in two counties and three townships. 10 of these lakes have public access including one of the infested lakes and the three main lakes in the Eau Claire Chain. Project objectives include: 1. Watercraft inspection in accordance with the "Clean Boats, Clean Waters" program, on all lakes with public access. 2. A public education and information campaign focused on the threat posed by EWM and what the public can do to prevent its spread. 3. Three (June, July, & August) comprehensive aquatic plant surveys to be done on 27 lakes. Special emphasis will be given to the lakes with public access and the Eau Claire Chain lakes. A part time seasonal coordinator will be hired to direct volunteer support and facilitate the project. Two seasonal aquatic plant surveyors will be hired to facilitate the aquatic plant surveys on the Eau Claire Chain. Volunteers will be used to conduct all other lake surveys. A final report shall be completed including: 1. A list of lakes named in the project with and without AIS. 2. Maps showing locations of any known aquatic invasive species. 3. Aquatic plant surveys results. 4. Watercraft inspection summary including total time spent and number of people reached. 5. Preliminary findings associated with the CBCW surveys. 6. Education and informational materials. 7. Photos of boat landing signs at the four public access points. 8. Proposed management plan for future EWM management and control. *In addition, all CBCW program activities will be reported in accordance with CBCW guidelines. Special conditions for this project: *The project sponsor shall immediately report any potential new EWM infestation to Frank Koshere (715/392-0807) or Dave Blumer (715/635-4078).

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