River Planning Grants


The purpose of the River Protection Grant Program is to assist local organizations and local units of government in protecting or improving rivers and natural river ecosystems. Cost sharing grant assistance is available for activities that will help to provide information on riverine ecosystems, improve river system assessment and planning, increase local understanding of the causes of river problems, and assist in implementing management activities that protect or restore river ecosystems. This grant program is also intended to provide assistance in the formation of river management organizations and provide support and guidance to local organizations that are interested in helping to manage and protect rivers, particularly where resources and organization capabilities may be limited. In a broader context, the intention is to foster and support partnerships between the Department of Natural Resources, nonprofit groups, university and extension service systems, and local units of government. Ultimately, such partnerships should enhance local stewardship of rivers in order to protect against riverine pollution and degradation.


With these goals in mind, the program provides assistance to a variety of project sponsors to undertake their chosen river protection projects. A wide array of activities are eligible for grant assistance, ranging from information gathering to land acquisition and management. The possibilities are explained in greater detail later in this booklet. The grants are given to support new projects, not subsidize current, ongoing operations or replace existing funds; all projects will be evaluated under this premise.


River planning grants up to $10,000 are available for organizational development projects that assist in the formation of a qualified river management organization or strengthen the capacity of an existing organization to protect or improve rivers and natural river ecosystems, for river improvement education projects, and for river-related assessments and plan development.

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