WASHBURN COUNTY LWCD: Washburn County AIS Infestation Control Project, Purple Loostrife


Washburn County Land & Water Conservation will begin the first of a three-year Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator position. The initial focus of the project will be on purple loosestrife. The project includes five objectives: 1) AIS education; 2) countywide inventory of existing purple loosestrife infestations; 3) GIS map with data points and details of infestation sites; 4) coordination and construction of multiple beetle rearing stations; and 5) purple loosestrife control strategy development. The final goal of the project is to create a limited-term AIS Coordinator position within the LWCD department that is proposed to be funded by future AIS grants. Upon completion of this project, the sponsor will provide the DNR with a report including the following: * Summary of AIS education presentations, locations, and audiences. * Summary, including location identification, of beetle rearing stations and releases. * Countywide GIS layer identifying purple loosestrife infestations (GIS-related files are to be submitted to the Department as a deliverable). * Digital aerial imagery collected from pilot surveys. * Purple loosestrife (AIS) tracking sheet that describes sites locations, details, and control progress. * Lake-by-lake inventory of all public landings with inventory of signage. * Detailed and specific management strategy for controlling existing purple loosestrife infestations (year one) and a preliminary plan to prevent the spread of all aquatic AIS. The report will be provided to the Department in both paper and pdf versions . All data and electronic files, including GIS information and digital images, developed as a part of this project should be submitted in electronic, useable files. Special conditions for this project: The project sponsor shall immediately contact proper DNR authorities in the event of a new aquatic invasive species infestation.

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